Nail Treatments and Enhancements

We offer a wide range of nail treatments for the natural nail as well as enhancements, if you require any further guidence on what treatment will be best for you please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.


We also affer a range of diamontes, glitter and nail art. Feel free to come along with ideas and we will do what we can to achieve the look you want.


Manicure Treatments                      Price                    Length of treatment
File and Polish (OPI) £12 30mins
Manicure £18


Gel Polish inc mini mani £22


Gel fingers and toes £36

1hr 30mins

Extensions                                 Price                  Length of treatment
Acrylic Extensions (Natural) £30 60mins
Acrylic Extensions - Colour £35 1hr 30mins
Gel Extensions (Natural) £30 1hr 15mins
Gel Extensions - Colour £35 1hr 30mins
Sculpting - Natural  £35 1hr 30 mins
Scultping - Colour £40 2hrs
Acrylic Design £40 1hr 30mins
Acrylic Design - Pink & White £40 2hrs


Overlays                                              Price                   Length of treatment
Gel on Natural nail £24 60mins
   + gel colour £29 60mins
Acrylic on natural nail £24 60mins
   + gel colour


Maintenance                                   Price                     Length of treatment
Natural Infill (after 2/3 weeks) £18 60 mins
Infill with gel colour  £25 1hr 30 mins
Acrylic Design Infill £30 1hr 30mins
Removal (with new set) £5 30 mins
Acrylic removal with mini mani £15 60 mins
Gel polish removal with mini mani £10 30mins


Everyday life can be hard on you nails, if you have any accidents just give us a call and we will fit you in as soon as possible.

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